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Toronto Sewer Line Replacement and Repair

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Sewer Repair and Replace

When most people think about their plumbing, they usually focus on the water supply aspect and prefer not to dwell on what happens to wastewater once it's flushed away. However, your sewer lines are a vital part of your plumbing system. While they're built to be durable, they won't last forever. Eventually, you may need to call a local, experienced plumber in Toronto for sewer line replacement. Toronto homeowners can trust Plumbing Toronto to deliver high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service on every job.


FAQs about Sewer Line Replacement

How Long Does a Pipe Last Before Needing Replacement? The lifespan of a pipe varies depending on material and maintenance. While some pipes can last generations with proper care, others, like Orangeburg pipes, may need replacement after about 50 years.

What Are the Warning Signs of Needing Sewer Line Replacement? Common signs include slow drains, foul odors from drain pipes, gurgling noises from toilets, sewer backups, and sewage smells in the basement.

Is Sewer Line Replacement Covered by Homeowners Insurance? While it traditionally wasn't covered, some insurance companies now offer sewer line replacement coverage as part of basic homeowners policies. Homeowners should review their policy terms or consult their insurance broker for clarification.

How We Handle Toronto Sewer Line Replacement

When property owners in Toronto are told they need sewer line replacement, they often worry about extensive excavation and damage to their landscaping. However, at Plumbing Toronto, we employ trenchless methods and technologies that eliminate the need for digging trenches, making the process faster and less destructive.

Inspection and Diagnosis

Since sewer lines are hidden from view, issues within them can go unnoticed. The first step in sewer line replacement is determining if replacement is necessary. This is done through a thorough plumbing inspection, often including sewer camera inspection. A small video camera is inserted into the drain, recording footage of the pipe's interior. This footage helps identify the problem, allowing plumbers to propose the right solution.​

Why Choose Plumbing Toronto for Sewer Line Replacement

If you're seeking a reliable plumbing company for sewer line replacement, Toronto homeowners can rely on Plumbing Toronto to arrive on time, address any concerns, and complete the job efficiently and effectively. In addition to sewer line replacement, our licensed plumbers offer a range of services including sewer line repair, drain cleaning, and backwater valve replacement.

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