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Toronto Frozen Pipe Repair

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Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen pipe issues are far from uncommon, especially during the chilly winter months. Homeowners and business owners often find themselves facing the inconvenience of frozen water supply pipes or drain lines, which can lead to serious damage if not addressed promptly. At Plumbing Toronto, our expert team receives frequent calls for frozen pipe repair services, providing swift and reliable solutions to restore your plumbing system's functionality.

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FAQs About Frozen Pipes

What Should I Do When I Discover Frozen Pipes?: Immediately shut off the water supply and contact our team for professional assistance.

How Long Does It Take for Frozen Pipes to Thaw By Themselves?: Thawing time varies based on conditions, but waiting for natural thawing is not recommended due to potential damage.

Can I Deal With Frozen Pipes By Dumping Boiling Water Down My Drain?: Pouring boiling water down drains is ineffective and may cause damage. Gradual thawing with external heat sources is safer and more effective.

How Do I Avoid Needing Frozen Pipe Repair in the Future?: Ensure adequate insulation, maintain indoor temperatures, and take preventive measures during cold spells.

Handling Frozen Pipe Repair with Expertise

Contrary to popular belief, frozen pipes are not typically found buried underground but rather inside walls or near fixtures within buildings. This can occur due to insufficient insulation or low indoor temperatures, leaving exposed pipes vulnerable to freezing. Our skilled plumbers are equipped to handle both intact frozen pipes and burst pipes with precision and efficiency.

Intact Frozen Pipes

When dealing with intact frozen pipes, immediate action is crucial to prevent further damage. Our Toronto frozen pipe repair process involves:

  1. Water Supply Shutdown: We turn off the main shutoff valve to minimize pressure.

  2. Identifying Frozen Sections: Our team locates the frozen areas within the plumbing system.

  3. Draining Lines: Taps are opened, and toilets are flushed to empty supply and drain lines.

  4. Gradual Thawing: We carefully thaw the frozen section to melt the ice, ensuring no further damage occurs.

  5. Leak Inspection: A thorough examination is conducted to detect any leaks.

  6. Restoration: Once confirmed leak-free, we reinstate the water supply and provide insulation to prevent future freezing.

Burst Frozen Pipes

In the event of burst pipes, immediate repair is essential to prevent water damage. Our experienced plumbers assess the situation and replace the damaged segment with new PEX piping, restoring the plumbing system's integrity.

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